Border Security


Oh, Border Security. It’s like the old family recipe of chili where everyone disagrees but can never agree on what to add. Some want it spicy, others milder. One cousin even suggests chocolate. As with chili, every person has a different opinion about what secret ingredient we should use to secure our country’s borders. Stay connected with our campaign at

Let’s not pretend for a sec. Border security does not mean building a fence and filling it with alligators. This is more like being a nightclub bouncer. You need to be able to decide who gets in, who stays out, and keep an eye on everyone without causing any trouble or making people feel uncomfortable.

Imagine being able to keep a watchful eye on all the people in a packed room and also make sure no one sneaks out the back or attempts to enter through the bathroom’s window. You think it’s hard? This is essentially what the countries have to deal with. It is difficult to strike a balance between openness and safety.

Those who advocate for a stronger border security system argue that it is vital for keeping bad actors out–people with the potential to harm or disturb peace. They aren’t necessarily wrong. Uninvited guests ruining a party is not something anyone wants. The trick is to convince your grandmother you had enough food during Thanksgiving dinner.

Some people fear that if we focus too much on getting things in order, we might miss out on great opportunities or cool experiences. Imagine you had never eaten raw fish because you were afraid to try sushi. Imagine if you had never heard of K-pop or tried it because the lyrics were difficult to understand. The best life surprises can be found when we step out of our comfort zone.

On an economic level, this is similar to playing Monopoly then deciding only to purchase Baltic Avenue. This feels safer than taking a risk on Boardwalk. It’s true that you may not be as likely to go bankrupt quickly, but it is also unlikely that you will win big. It is important that people move in and out of countries, so they can buy stuff, get jobs, start new businesses or simply stir things up.

Remember those stories with heartbreaking tales of individuals or families trying to escape danger zones? They are more compelling than any telenovela. These stories show us that the debate at its core is about people’s lives, and not just numbers in a spreadsheet.

What does this mean for us? Where does this leave us? Goldilocks’ zone is the right temperature: not too warm, not too cool. It means getting creative and innovative with the technology, but without turning into Big Brother of George Orwell’s dreams (or nightmares). It’s about laws and policies that have a firm hand but are also fair. Sort of like Mary Poppins as Homeland Security.

The discussion about border security (because each ramble needs to end) is like the argument over whether or not pineapples belong on pizza. People get excited and confused. The key is to find balance, even though we may have to test a few different recipes.

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